The Answers to Your Common Questions

Hiring a painting contractor when one plans interior or exterior painting is of the utmost importance. This is a necessity for so many reasons, from the quality of the paint application itself to the longevity of the sheen. Daniels Home Services is a company offering professional painting services in Houston, TX and this is my Frequently Asked Questions list for you.

What is the scope of the painting jobs that you take?

I am a skilled painter offering quality painting and drywall services. I do drywall repairs, pressure washing, and provide waterproofing services as well. You can also hire me as your reliable handyman to perform some minor house fixes.

Can I paint all the rooms in my house with different shades?

In fact, this is what I recommend to the majority of my clients. Using the same color for all rooms will make the entire residence look boring. Besides, different paint hues create a different environment and mood. For instance, painting the kitchen and bathroom in orange would be inappropriate. Instead, you can use orange for the kitchen and blue or light yellow for the bathroom.

How long does full interior painting take?

It depends on what you mean by “full interior painting”. Do you mean applying a layer of paint in two or five rooms? The time-frame depends on how many the rooms are, how big, and the condition of the walls. Sometimes, it’s the wall prep work that takes time and not applying the top finish.

Are your services expensive?

You can turn to me for affordable painting, drywall work, and handyman services. My rates are very affordable and competitive. You can get a free quote now and avail of my many awesome discounts.

Do you do commercial painting as well?

Yes, I do both residential and commercial painting.

So, you can do some drywall repairs and paint the material afterward?

Absolutely. Daniels Home Services offers quality drywall and paintwork. You can call me to perform some fixes and then apply a layer of quality paint to the surface for a smashing effect.

What colors do you suggest for kids’ rooms?

Actually, there is no best color to paint a child’s room. It all depends on the gender of the kid and their preferences. If it’s a boy, I recommend Caribbean blue, yellow, or neutral tones. For a girl, you can choose aqua blue, pale green, candy pink, or beige. It depends on the character and temperament of your child as well.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, of course. My company has been in the quality house painting business for 40 years in Houston, TX and I have a business license, insurance, and accreditation. I provide warranties and customer satisfaction guarantee.

Can I paint my house?

That is not recommended. DIY paintwork often leads to unsatisfactory results. Even if you are dexterous with the roller and brush, you may select the wrong product for interior or exterior application. Surface preparation is the main aspect when we talk about high-quality painting. Besides, I get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. With me, you will enjoy a more beautiful home. For any other questions about my residential drywall repair or other services, you can call me at (281) 607-5920.

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