Hire a Reliable Painting Contractor for Safe and Excellent Painting Work

Achieving a lovely painting result for your house has plenty of aspects, and this includes priming the walls before applying a new coat of paint. To seal the surface and boost color adhesion, you need a good primer, but don’t worry. Your painting contractor will know about this. But it won’t hurt to be knowledgeable about it, right? Here are the types of paint primers you should know about:

It’s Priming Time  

There are three basic types. Each has its strength and weakness. Find the one that suits you best.


They are water-based, easy to clean, and excellent for prepping bare sheetrock for painting. They are more resilient and quick-drying and are less crisp than other elements. It makes them less sensitive to stripping and breaking. They are suitable for drywall because they smooth out the cover of the wallboard and any mixture applied to it. They also coat and seal in early minor spots from cigarette smoke, lipstick, chalk, etc., but are not as efficient at concealing stains as the oil and shellac-based alternatives.


These primers go with both oil and latex, making them very adaptable and relevant to a variety of exteriors. Timber, iron, and other elements with current paint, such as indoor and outdoor walls, are great surfaces for oil-based. Many oil-based brands are reliable “stain removers” and prevent blemishes from showing through your fresh coat of paint. They are beneficial for barring stains on your surfaces from ink, nicotine, and other liquids. Here’s a drawback, they are slow-drying. Call a painting contractor to make sure this primer is applied well.


Shellac has been utilized for ages to seal the timber and other coverings. Competent for indoor paint projects, shellac-based are probably the most trustworthy stain-eliminating primers, managing well on stubborn water and smoke damage to walls and other covers. They even block odors. The disadvantage of shellac-based is that they are not as adaptable as latex or oil, and they produce more fumes.

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