What to Avoid When Hiring a Painting and Drywall Contractor

Home renovations can be expensive. Before shelling out money for one, you might want to consider spending on painting and drywall repair services. If you’ve got neutral colors, then you can see how much that transforms your home. Need professional contractors in your area? Below are 4 of the warning signs that will help you find the best match.

Wondering What to Avoid When Hiring a Painting Contractor?  

No insurance and license

Make sure to always look for contractors with an established image. Even if a painter has a physical office, they must provide you with contact information and a permanent address. On top of that, ask them if they’re licensed and check their certifications. One additional important factor is insurance coverage. Hiring uninsured contractors can be dangerous because it means that they can’t cover damages that can arise while working on your property. For example, if the contractor damages your property, you’ll be liable.

Doesn’t have connections

Your professional and skilled painting and drywall contractors belong to companies with affiliations to organizations or groups in the industry. If you’re hiring a contractor with no affiliations, then that’s another sign that you’re better off not signing that contract and looking for qualified contractors to get the job done professionally.

Doesn’t provide contracts

Unreliable painting contractors will try to convince you that verbal promises are as good as a written contract. What most don’t realize is that there’s a hidden reason for this. If something goes wrong, you can’t hold them responsible because there are no terms and conditions specified in a written contract. One key to a successful painting project is to have a contract that includes everything, from the cleanup of the site to the materials that will be used for your project.

Don’t follow safety codes

Established painting contractors comply with safety codes; they always make sure that they finish the job most efficiently and safely possible. If your chosen company will convince you that you don’t need permits or using non-standard materials is the best way to go, that’s another sign to look for another company.

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