When Residential Drywall Repair Is Needed

Common Causes of Drywall Damage

In many homes, drywall is a preferred material used to construct walls. Although generally durable and easy to work with, this material can be harmed for a number of reasons. Many of these causes are largely outside of your control. Hiring residential drywall repair experts to fix your drywall damage can be a smart investment, no matter what caused the damage. Before you bring in the professionals, find out the potential reasons for your drywall damage.

Poor Installation

If the installation is done incorrectly, the tape lines and the fasteners are two places where the drywall can begin to look horrible. It may shift over time, and the screws and nails may start to come loose. Even if you patch them up and nail or screw them back in, it can still happen. With the tape, the same is possible. The tape may start to peel off, and the drywall sheet may begin to buckle if it is not put in properly. While patching the issue could temporarily work, it eventually needs to be repaired.

Furniture Marks

Even before you move into your house, you can see furniture scuff marks on the drywall. They resemble a pencil or marker stain and are usually less severe. Move furniture gently throughout your home to avoid scuffs, and keep larger pieces of furniture away from walls. If the damage hasn’t actually torn off portions of drywall, it may be possible to remedy the issue with a common cleaning sponge.


Homeowners have every reason to be concerned about termites. Every kind of termite colony may exist in large numbers on a property. Frequently, pest control companies search your home for swarmers. These are king and queen termites looking for fresh places to lay their eggs so they can start new colonies. A single colony of king and queen termites can quickly grow into several others, infesting your house or place of business extensively.

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